Microsoft Excel Beginner Course

Do you hide when someone mentions Microsoft Excel, or do you pretend to know more about them than you do, hoping you won't get caught out. Worry no more, this Microsoft Excel 2013 for beginners’ course, designed for all levels of learner, is taught from the bottom up and is focused on the most important parts of Microsoft Excel that you will need to enable you to work in a busy office, dealing with spreadsheets or even just to make your home budget work better for you. At the end of the course you will be a competent Microsoft Excel 2013 user that will be an addition to any office.

Some of the topics covered include :

  1. Add numbers in excel
  2. Create a chart
  3. Freeze or lock panes
  4. Create your first excel workbook
  5. Use Autofill and Flash fill

Course Fee:  N10,300