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Administrative Office Procedure

Administrative office procedures may not be glamorous, but they are essential to the success of any enterprise. A well run office reduces miscommunications and helps to eliminate common errors. By making the administrative office a priority, you will establish clear policies and procedures with employee understanding and buy-in, which ensures that your work environment runs smoothly.
With our Administrative Office Procedures workshop, your participants will understand how an Administrative Office Procedure binder demonstrates professionalism and efficiency in an organization or office setting.  It is also a marvelous instrument for quick reference and utilization.  Strategies and procedures are a vital connection between the company's vision and its everyday operations.    


  • Organize a binder
  • Develop procedures
  • Prepare checklists
  • Understand succession planning
  • Collect the correct tools


  • Module One: Getting Started
  • Module Two: Why Your Office Needs Administrative Procedures
  • Module Three: Gathering the Right Tools 
  • Module Four: Identifying Procedures to Include 
  • Module Five: Top Five Procedures to Record 
  • Module Six: What to Include in Your Binder (I) 
  • Module Seven: What to Include in Your Binder (II) 
  • Module Eight: Organizing Your Binder 
  • Module Nine: What Not to Include in the Procedure Guide 
  • Module Ten: Share Office Procedure Guide 
  • Module Eleven: Successfully Executing the Guide 
  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up 
Course Fee:  N5,000