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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Is this short online certificate course compulsory for all newly admitted students?

Yes this short online courses is compulsory for all newly admitted students as approved by the Senate of Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma.

As a newly admitted Student, when am I suppose to register the online courses?

Once you have been offered admission, you are to register for the online courses. You are required to conclude the courses before resumption of studies on campus.

How many courses should I register?

There is no limit to the number of courses you are to register. It depends on what you desire.

Are there registration fees attached to the courses?

Yes, the fee for the registration for one course is N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira ). But if you Register for more than one course, the fees will be N5,000 per course (ie 50% discount). For the purpose of clarity, 1 course = 10,000, 2 courses = 10,000, 3 courses= 15,000, 4 courses =20,000 etc.

How can I get the 50% discount?

Kindly use the coupon code (e-ST) at the point of payment to get the 50% discount when registering for more than one course.

Am I to choose courses related to the course I was given admission?

The choice of courses depends on your extracurricular activities. Any area you desire to improve on other than where you were admitted. You may also wish to choose courses related to your departments if so desired.

Of what benefit is the certificate obtained after the successful completion of this courses?

For the newly admitted students, it forms part of your documentation. Also for anyone who participates in the program, including the students and the general public, the certificate generated can form part of your CV.

Apart from getting the certificate, what other benefit do I gain?

Participants are involved in self development, that is capacity building to handle the challenges we come across.

Please I need some quick steps on how to enroll for these courses

STEP 1: click on

STEP 2: Go to COURSES on the menu, and select any course contained in three different categories

STEP 3: Read through the course content, if satisfied, click on REGISTER NOW

STEP 4: Click on ADD TO CART

STEP 5: Repeat STEPS 1-4 for a second course of choice, third, fouth etc depending on the number of courses you wish to register.

STEP 6. Click on VIEW CART

STEP 7. Ensure the quantity of courses selected is correct.

STEP 8: Enter and apply the coupon code (e-ST) in the space provided to get a discount of 50% payment


STEP 10: Enter your details in the space provided and make payments by clicking PLACE ORDER using any preferred option from the list provided. Complete the payment request

STEP 11: You will receive a receipt in your email for successful transaction. You will be enrolled within 24 hours for the courses registered.

STEP 12; An e-certificate will be issued automatically on successful course completion.


Can other persons participate in this online course program?

Yes, anybody interested in this program can apply. A certificate from Ambrose Alli University will be issued on successful completion of the program. There will also be an e-convocation for successful participants. Please check the e-learning site for pictures of previous e-convocations for graduates of this online course program.

Need help getting started?

How do I create an account?

Account will be created for you when you make payment and enrolled.

Can I login with my mobile phone?

Yes! you can login using any smart device connected to the internet. kindly visit using any device. Ensure you follow the instructions on the screen.

Questions about enrollment

How can I enroll in a course?

Simply browse through the course options and you will be enrolled within 24 hours.

I made a mistake in my name. How can I update my profile?

Kindly send a mail to attaching your particulars and reasons for profile update.

How long will I have access to the course?

Each course has a validity period of 60days from the day you made payment on our platform or the day you were enrolled.

Can I extend my access after expiration?

Yes! course access can be extended for multiples of 1 month at 50% of the course fee.

Can I enroll for more than a course at a time?

Yes! You can pay for several courses individually and will receive a certificate for each.

What is the refund policy?

There will be no refunds once a course has been paid for and accessed in any manner.

I paid for a course online but I was not automatically enrolled

kindly contact or call +234 808 033 4886

Course specific questions

How do I access my course(s)?

Login to your account. Click on "My courses" on the top bar to see all your active courses. Note, you will not see courses with expired validity here.

How can I view my certificate(s)?

View your profile by clicking on your name. On your profile page you will see the link "My Certificates" under Miscellaneous

What if I fail all attempts allowed in a course?

You have several attempts for each assessment. Ensure you study carefully before answering questions. You cannot proceed further after exhausting all your attempts

My course has expired, how do I apply for course extension?

Kindly login and pay for the course again to receive 60days access.

I have gone through the video quiz severally but it is not ticked.

Ensure you click on "Start new attempt" when playing the view the next time.

Thank You

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